Last updated: July 5, 2015

The 13th international symposium on Origin of Matter and Evolution of Galaxies (OMEG2015) will be held in Beijing, China on June 24-27, 2015. This symposium is the 13th of such series, started 1988, to exchange the progress of nuclear astrophysics and related fields. As demonstrated in previous ones, this symposium series provide good opportunity to attract researchers in fields of nuclear physics, astrophysics, and more, with more than 100 participants.

International Advisory Committee (IAC)

  • T. C. Beers (NOAO)
  • A. Guglielmetti (Milano)
  • W. Haxton (UC Berkeley)
  • T. Kajino (Tokyo U.)
  • S. Kubono (RIKEN)
  • K. Langanke (GSI)
  • W. P. Liu (CIAE)
  • T. Lu (NJU)
  • M. Lugaro (Monash U.)
  • T. Motobayashi (RIKEN)
  • K. Nomoto (Tokyo U.)
  • Y. Z. Qian (UMN/SJTU)
  • K. E. Rehm (ANL)
  • C. Ruiz (TRIUMF)
  • H. Schatz (NSCL)
  • M. Smith (ORNL)
  • F. K. Thielemann (Basel U.)
  • R. Tribble (TAMU)
  • M. Wiescher (ND)
  • Y. L. Ye (PKU)
  • Y. H. Zhang (IMP)
  • G. Zhao (NAO)

Program Advisory Committee (PAC)

  • W. P. Liu (CIAE, Chair)
  • T. C. Beers (NOAO)
  • Z. G. Ge (CIAE)
  • J. J. He (IMP)
  • Y. K. Kim (IBS)
  • Z. H. Li (CIAE)
  • H. Miyatake (KEK)
  • J. R. Shi (NAO)
  • Y. Sun (SJTU)
  • I. Tanihata (BUAA/Osaka)
  • Y. B. Wang (CIAE)

Local Organizing Committee(LOC)

  • C. B. Fu (SJTU)
  • B. Guo (CIAE, Scientific Secretary)
  • Z. G. He (CIAE)
  • B. H. Sun (BUAA)
  • X. D. Tang (IMP)
  • Y. B. Wang (CIAE)
  • S. Zeng (CIAE)
  • X. Y. Li (CIAE)
  • R. Y. Bai (CIAE)
Name Title Download Link
Session 1
KUBONO, Shigeru Nuclear Reactions in Explosive Burning in the pp-Chain Region and the Breakout Processes Download
MATHEWS, Grant J. New Insight into the Birth of the Universe and the Origin of Matter Download
HE, Jianjun Direct measurement of 6Li(p,γ)7Be reaction cross section at low energies Download
Session 2
LUGARO, Maria Neutron sources and neutron-capture paths in asymptotic giant branch stars Download
NISHIMURA, Nobuya Sensitivity study of neutron-capture and beta-decay rates for the s-process nucleosynthesis with large-scale Monte-Carlo simulations Download
Session 3
HEGER, Alexander Nucleosyhthesis in the first stars Download
SHI, Jianrong Recent works on the Stellar Chemical Abundances Analysis Download
YUAN, Zhen Chemical Evolution Model of Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy Download
Session 4
SUN, Yang Shell model for heavy, deformed nuclei in nuclear astrophysics studies Download
CHEOUN, Myung-ki Neutrino-induced reactions and neutrino scattering with nuclear targets Download
DONG, Guoxiang Gamow shell model description of proton radiative capture reaction 6Li(p,γ)7Be not available
MISCH, Wendell Brink-Axel hypothesis in capture Download
Session 5
QIAN, Yongzhong The r-process: status and challenges Download
SMITH, Michael Experimental and theoretical studies of r-process burning of exotic Tin isotopes Download
HIRAI, Yutaka Astrophysical site(s) of r-process elements in galactic chemo-dynamical evolution model Download
SHIBAGAKI, Shota Relative Contributions of the r-Process in Supernova and Neutron Star Merger Download
Session 6
LATTIMER, James Neutron star physics and EOS Download
NAGATAKI Shigehiro Astrophysical Big Bangs: From Engine to Remnants Download
SIEVERDING, Andre Neutrino Nucleosynthesis in Core-Collapse Supernovae Download
WU, Meng-ru Linking neutrino oscillations to the nucleosynthesis of elements Download
Session 7
LAM, Yek Wah New thermonuclear reaction rates of 64Ge(p,γ)65As and 65As(p,γ)66Se for type-I X-ray bursts Download
MARUYAMA, Tomoyuki Pion Production from Proton Synchrotron Radiation in Strong Magnetic Fields in Quantum Field Theory Download
ODSUREN, Myagmarjav Photodisintegration of 9Be and the Importance of the Unbound 1/2+ State Download
ZHI, Qijun Weak interaction rates including Forbidden transitions for nuclear astrophysics Download
Session 8
HUANG, Ching-yuan Origin of TeV gamma-ray source RX J1713.7-3946 Download
JIN, Zhiping GRB 060614: a new gold factory Download
Session 9
LIU, Weiping Progress of nuclear astrophysics in China and underground project JUNA Download
PRATI, Paolo The LUNA-MV project: status and perspectives Download
YUE Qian China Jinping Underground Laboratory and dark matter experiments Download
ROBERTSON, Daniel Underground Nuclear Astrophysics Studies with CASPAR Download
SAKUDA, Makoto Gamma production from thermal neutron capture on natural gadolinium, 155Gd and 157Gd Download
ZHANG, Ningtao Experimental study of the 13C+12C fusion reaction at deep sub-barrier energies in the underground low-background radiation laboratory Download
Session 10
REHM, K. Ernst Nuclear Reactions on the Surface and inside of Neutron Stars Download
ZHANG, Yuhu Mass measurement at CSR of astrophysical interest Download
SHEN, Yangping Measurement of the 52Fe mass via the precise proton-decay energy of 53Com Download
TANG, Xiaodong The first direct measurement of 12C(12C,n)23Mg at stellar energies Download
Session 11
KAJINO, Taka Explosive nucleosynthesis: A probe of cosmic and supernova neutrinos Download
HE, Xiaotao Probing Nuclear Symmetry Energy and its Effects on the Gravitational Binding Energy and Curvature of Neutron Stars with Astrophysical Observations Download
PENG, Qiuhe The Physics of Magnetars and Its Astrophysical Significance Download
Session 12
YE, Yanlin Clustering in Light Unstable Nuclei Download
STRIEDER, Frank The 12C(α,γ)16O and the 12C+12C reaction rates Download
FU, Changbo DD Reaction Induced by High Intensity Laser Download
KAHL, Daid Experimental investigation of the 30S(α,p) thermonuclear reaction in X-ray Bursts Download
Session 13
BANERJEE, Projjwal Origin of Short-Lived Isotopes in the Early Solar System not available
FISCHER, Tobias Simulations of core collapse supernovae - Role of light nuclear clusters Download
GUIDRY, Mike Highly-Efficient GPU Acceleration for Integrating Large Thermonuclear Networks Coupled to Hydrodynamics in Type Ia Supernova Simulations Download
SUN, Baohua A new project for mass measurement of neutron-rich nuclei in China and its status Download
Session 14
MARTINEZ-PINEDO, Gabriel The r-process in neutron star mergers Download
CHEN, Yongshou Challenges for the origin of the heavy elements Download
WU, Jin β-decay half-lives of neutron-rich nuclei around 158Nd, relevant to the formation of the A≈165 rare-earth element peak in the later-time r-process not available
Session 15
HAHN, Kevin Insik Prospects of nuclear astrophysics experiments in Korea Download
OU, Iwa Measurement of gamma-rays from giant resonances of 16O and 12C in relation to supernova neutrino detection. Download
WANG, Youbao Two measurements of the 22Na+p resonant scattering via TTIK method Download
WEN, Qun-gang Experimental study to explore the 8Be-induced nuclear reaction via the Trojan Horse Method Download

Important Dates

  • November 1, 2014: Second circular
  • November 15, 2014: Start of registration
  • December 1, 2014: Abstract submission open
  • April 15, 2015: Abstract submission closed
  • May 31, 2015: Final circular
  • May 31, 2015: Conference program announced
  • June 24-27, 2015: OMEG13 Symposium

Scientific Program

  • Big Bang Cosmology and Primordial Nucleosynthesis
  • First Generation Stars and Galactic Chemical Evolution
  • Astronomical Observations with Light, X-Ray, Gamma-Ray, and Cosmic-Ray
  • Stellar Evolutions and Hydrostatic Burning Processes
  • Experimental Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics
  • Theoretical Nuclear Physics for Astrophysics
  • Explosive Stellar Objects and Nuclear Physics
  • Meteorite Analysis and Isotopic Abundance
  • Neutron Star and High Density Matter
  • Nuclear Data for Astrophysics and Related Topics
  • Nuclear Physics in r-process
  • Exotic nuclear matter in neutron stars
  • Underground nuclear astrophysics

List of confirmed invited speakers:

  • A. Heger, Nucleosyhthesis in the first stars, Monash U.
  • Kevin Insik Hahn, Prospects of nuclear astrophysics experiments in Korea, Ewha Womans University
  • T. Kajino, Explosive nucleosynthesis: A probe of cosmic and supernova neutrinos, Tokyo U.
  • S. Kubono, Nuclear Reactions in Explosive Burning in the pp-Chain Region and the Breakout Processes, RIKEN
  • Jim Lattimer, Neutron star physics and EOS, Stony Brook University
  • M. Lugaro, Neutron sources and neutron-capture paths in asymptotic giant branch stars, Monash U.
  • W. P. Liu, Progress of nuclear astrophysics in China and underground project JUNA, China Institute of Atomic Energy
  • Gabriel Martinez-Pinedo, The r-process in neutron star mergers, TU Darmstadt
  • Grant J. Mathews, Big Bang Cosmology and Primordial Nucleosynthesis, University of Notre Dame
  • Shigehiro Nagataki, Astrophysical Big Bangs: From Engine to Remnants, RIKEN
  • P. Prati, The LUNA-MV project; status and perspectives, Genova U.
  • Y. Z. Qian, The r-process: status and challenges, UMN/SJTU
  • E. Rehm, Nuclear Reactions on the Surface and inside of Neutron Stars, ANL
  • J. R. Shi, Recent works on the Stellar Chemical Abundances Analysis, NAOCAS
  • M. Smith, Experimental and theoretical studies of r-process burning of exotic Tin isotopes, ORNL
  • Frank Strieder, The 12C(α,γ)16O and the 12C+12C reaction rates
  • Yang Sun, Shell model for heavy deformed nuclei in nuclear astrophysics studies, Shanghai Jiao Tong University
  • Q. Yue, China Jinping Underground Laboratory and dark matter experiments, THU
  • Y. L. Ye, Clustering in Light Unstable Nuclei, PKU
  • Y. H. Zhang, Mass measurement at CSR of astrophysical interest, IMP

The proceedings of this symposium will be published in electronic form with EPJ Web of Conferences, an open access journal from the series The European Physical Journal. Each contributed article will be fully citable thanks to DOI (Digital Object Identifier), and will be indexed in main databases. There will be no printed version of the proceedings.

Important dates for publication

Deadline for the first submission: Sep. 25, 2015
Deadline for the submission of the revision after being peer-reviewed: Nov. 25, 2015
Target date for the submission of proceedings to EPJ: January, 2016

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Oral contributions and posters: 6 pages

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Registration and Abstract Submission

We kindly ask you to register yourself as a regular participant or as a student participant before submitting an abstract. The registration and abstract submission can be done at the symposium website.

Reception and Banquet

All participants are invited to a reception which will be held in the evening of June 23. A banquet dinner will be held during 18:00-20:00 on June 26. The places for reception and banquet will be informed in the final circular.

Fees and Support

The fees cover the on-line issue of proceedings (open access), reception, and refreshment during the symposium.

Regular Student
Early bird registration fee (paid before April 15) 260 USD 130 USD
Regular registration fee 360 USD 180 USD
Banquet 50 USD 50 USD

The registration fee can be paid via bank transfer. The fees will be paid at the registration desk. The registration desk will open at the Conference Center during the symposium.

Bank Transfer Information

Bank Account: 344150094265
SWIFT code: BKCH CN BJ 110
Address of bank: Bank of China, Beijing Branch, No. 2 Chaoyang Men Nei Da Jie, Dongcheng District, Beijing 100010, China
Holder: Bing Guo
Address of holder: No.16 Yuanxinxi Road, Xinzhen, Fangshan district, Beijing, China

Registration Guide

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The organizers of the conference reserved a capacity of guest rooms at the Prime Hotel (Beijing) on behalf of the participants. The accommodation at the Prime Hotel (Beijing) is only available via the organizers for getting price discount. The rate is about 700 CNY (about 110 USD) with breakfast.

Prime Hotel (Beijing), locates at No.2 Wangfujing Avenue (Wangfujing Dajie), Dongcheng District, Beijing, China, is a famous business five-star hotel. Prime Hotel (Beijing) is close to Wangfujing Avenue, Tiananmen Square, and Forbidden City. It is 45 minutes driving distance from Beijing Capital International Airport.

If you prefer to arrange own accommodation, the information on the accommodation around Prime Hotel (Beijing) can be found in the following websites:,,, and The website will provide a lower price because of the cooperation between and the Prime Hotel.


  1. The easiest way is to take a taxi directly from the airport to the Prime Hotel (华侨大厦). It costs about 100 CNY (about 16 USD) and 50 minutes.
  2. You can take the No.3 shuttle bus to ChaoYangMen (朝阳门), and then take a taxi to hotel (5 minutes). The shuttle bus runs every 30 minutes from 7:00 to 24:00. The total cost is about 36 CNY (about 6 USD) and 1 hours.
  3. You can take the airport express train to the city and then by subways. There are stops in both terminal T2 and T3, take the airport express to DongZhiMen (东直 门)station. Then transfer to subway Line 2 to ChaoYangMen (朝阳门) station, and then change to Line 6 to DongSi (东四) station. Take the Exit E and walk to west about 500 meters to the hotel (See the map directions on how to walk from Exit E to the hotel). Note that the subway runs from about 6:30 AM to 23:00 PM, and during the rush hour it could be very crowded. The total cost is about 30 CNY and 1 hour.